Rotterdam is one of the main ports of Europe.
It is the gateway to the European market of more than 350 million consumers and is one of the most important junctions of good flows of the world.
The annual throughput is about 450 million tons.

The Port of Rotterdam has an approximate 10,500 ha port area with a length of over 40 km and has a direct employment of over 70,000 jobs.

To reach the 350 milion consumers in Europe over 33,000 sea-going vessels and 100,000 inland vessels come through the port yearly.

Why use the port of Dordrecht for your business?

The Port of Rotterdam has over 500 line connections to over a 1000 ports around the globe. Thanks to it’s strategic geographic location, the port of rotterdam has a lot of things to offer, like:

* 24/7 access even for the biggest vessels.

* Short turnaround times

* Many tax advantages

* Room for growth

Need a port agent in the Port of Dordrecht?

In the largest port of europe there are a lot of port/shipping agents ready to help you with your every need. But how do you know which agency to choose?

Our agency, Dynamic Port Agencies, offers a personal and dedicated service 24/7. Our main goal is to render 100% service. We are NOT satisfied until you are.

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